DIGITAL 2000 A electronic station, 80 W, antistatic with Chip tool desoldering pincette

Brand: Ersa
Product code: 0DIG20A45
503.60 €excl. VAT
503.60 €excl. VAT

DIGITAL 2000 A soldering station:
- DIG 203 A electronics station
Supply voltage: 230 V~, 50-60 Hz
Secondary voltage: 24 V~
Output: 80 W
Control technology: SENSOTRONIC with digital PID behaviour
Temperature range: continuous, 50° C – 450° C / 122° F – 842° F
Function display: 4-character LED display with menu control
Cable: 2m PVC with device socket
Design: safety insulated according to MIL-SPEC/ESA standard
Fuse: 400 mA, delayed-action
- SMD desoldering tweezer Chip tool
Voltage: 24 V~
Power: PTC 2x30W / 280°C, 2x20W / 350°C
Heat up time: dep. from the desoldering tip
Weight: approx 75
Cable: 1.2 m ultra-flexible, heat-resistant, antistatic
Design: antistatic according to MIL-SPEC/ESA standard
 - Antistatic tool holder 0A43

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