i-CON VARIO 4, 4-channel (de)soldering station with interface and i-Tool AIR S hot air soldering iron

Brand: Ersa
Product code: 0ICV4000A
1477.00 €excl. VAT
1650.00 €excl. VAT

i-CON VARIO 4, multichannel 500W soldering and desoldering station (0ICV403A), antistatic with integrated vacuum pump and serial interface:
- Mains voltage: 230 VAC;
- Secondary voltage 24 VAC;
- Max power 500W;
- Temperature range 150 – 450 °C;
- i-Tool AIR S temperature range  50 – 550 °C;
- Temperature regulation (at idle) < ± 2 °C;
- Integrated Vacuum pump, Vacuum 700 mbar max;
- Internal air flow generation: 2 – 20 l/min. The used air volume is metered out precisely and can be read off at the display of I-CON VARIO;
- Control technology SENSOTRONIC (PID-behaviour);
- Function display LC-Display, blue;
- Knob control via incremental encoder (i-OP);
- Antistatic.

Four tools operable at the same time. Connectable soldering/desoldering tools:
- Left half: X-Tool or X-Tool VARIO to the A1 socket and i-Tool AIR S or i-Tool HIGH POWER to the A2 socket;
- Right half: i-Tool, Chip Tool VARIO, Power-Tool, Tech-tool, Micro-Tool and Chip-Tool;

i-Tool AIR S hot air soldering iron (0470BRJ) with hot air nozzle 0472BR. Air volume can simply be set at the hand piece:
- Operating Voltage 24 VAC;
- Heating power 200W;
- Weight (without supply line) approx. 90 g;
- Antistatic;
- Motion sensor activates the i-Tool AIR S, and with its IR sensor mounted in the hand piece, it has an auto on/off function.

0A55 antistatic holder.



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