Oscilloscope education and training kit

Brand: GW Instek
Product code: GDB-03
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The GDB-03 training kit allows you to learn both the basic and the advanced functions of the GDS-3000
Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO). Following the training procedures of this training kit, you
will quickly understand the basic operations of a DSO, and the unique features of the GDS-3000 Series,
which represents a typical hi-tech DSO today.

The training kit is a signal generator board capable of producing waveforms, which contain various
real-life scenarios you might encounter. With the GDB-03 training kit and the included curriculums,
you are able to acquire adequate knowledge in using a DSO with advanced features.


The GDB-003 provides
3 types of serial bus signals,
9 basic and 18 advanced oscilloscope training signals


Lab 1 Connect and view a waveform
Lab 2 Compensate the probe (1kHz square wave)
Lab 3 Adjust waveform scale and position (square wave)
Lab 4 Measure the waveform by manual (square wave ; frequency counter, cursor measure)
Lab 5 Automatic measurement (GDB-03 including noise function ; auto measure, cursor getting measure)
Lab 6 VPO (VPO signal, color, gray mode)
Lab 7 Autoset function (Fit screen, AC priority)
Lab 8 Automatic range
Lab 9 Save data using hardcopy function


Lab 1 Automatic measurement (gating measurement)
Lab 2 Using peak detect mode
Lab 3 Low speed signal measurement
Lab 4 Noisy signal measurement
Lab 5 Using zoom timebase function
Lab 6 Transient signal measurement
Lab 7 Lissajous waveform & phase measurement
Lab 8 Runt trigger
Lab 9 Video trigger
Lab 10 Rise & Fall trigger
Lab 11 Pulse width trigger
Lab 12 Hold off function
Lab 13 Split window 1
Lab 14 Split window 2
Lab 15 UART signal
Lab 16 I2C signal
Lab 17 SPI signal

- 5V DC, USB or auxiliary power input

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