2,048x1,536 pixel thermal camera VarioCAM ® High Definition

Brand: InfraTec
Product code: VarioCAM HD

New thermal camera series VarioCAM ® High Definition


For the first time, mobile thermographic microbolometer cameras with a detector format of (1,024 x 768) IR pixels and therefore a 2.5 times higher resolution than previous high-class models are available with the VarioCAM ® HD, which is manufactured by the German manufacturer Jenoptik. Large test objects can be captured thermographically with unprecedented efficiency.
·         Microbolometer camera with (1,024 x 768) IR pixels
·         Frame rate of up to 240 Hz, GigE-Vision-Interface
·         Integrated light-sensitive Digital 8 MP camera
·         5.6" colour TFT display with (1,280 x 800) pixels
·         Laser rangefinder and GPS sensor
·         Quality Made in Germany
·         Up to (2,048 x 1,536) IR pixels with optomechanical Microscan function
·         Digital real time data interface GigE-Vision for high-speed image transmission
·         Wide standard range for temperature measurements
·         Image storage of fast IR sequences on a SDHC card
·         Large assortment of premium-quality full optics (f/1.0)
·         Vision mixer and cross-fade feature, synchronous display of thermal and video images in real time
·         Voice recording and text annotation
·         Li-ion battery technology, standard battery, operating time of up to 3 hours
·         Wireless camera control and data acquisition via WLAN
·         Comfortable control software with numerous measurement functions
·         Solid light metal housing (IP54) for harsh industrial applications
·         Easy operation, diverse automatic functions


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