500 Vp-p high voltage pulser

Brand: Lokmita
Product code: SE-TX01-01
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500 Vp-p high voltage pulser


Pulser is dedicated for ultrasonics gated CW or toneburst excitation. See the suggested system diagram. Additional equipment is needed to control the pulser:

i) low level (3V logic) pulse train source (can be simple IC or standalone arbitrary wave generator

ii) high voltage power source and

iii) +12V power supply.

Driving signal can be logic level source (connect to digital signal input) or low level (+/-5V) CW toneburst (connect to analog input). Input threshold is 1V. Pulser automatically recognizes which input is used and marks it by lighting the corresponding LED indicator. Amplitude of the output pulses is defined by high voltage power supply. Duration of the output pulses is equal to the duration of the input pulses.


Pulser has following parameters:

- Load:                                                       open, resistive, 50 or capacitive, up to 3000pF;

- High voltage power supply voltage        0…500V;

- CW toneburst fill-in frequency                0.5…5MHz;

- Number of pulses in pulsetrain               1…20;

- Pulse trains repetition frequency (PRF)  0…1kHz.


Application areas: sonoporation, high power ultrasound excitation, general purpose ultrasonic equipment.


Power supplied from high voltage source should not exceed 5W (set the appropriate max current level). There are no special requirements for +12V power source approximately 200mA current is sufficient.

Thermal protection circuit shuts down the pulser output if internal temperature exceeds safe operation limit. In such case “OT err“ LED indikator is on.


This high voltage pulser design is based on a Project „HV RF pulse train generator for ultrasonic applications prototype design“, sponsored by Economic Growth of European Regional Development Fund according Article 8 part 4 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006, results.