Holder with lifting function for selective soldering tip i-Solder-Pot and soldering iron i-Tool (type 0100CDJ)

Brand: Lokmita
Product code: 0100-HLA01
299,00 €excl. VAT

i-Tool (0100CDJ) soldering iron holder with lifting function for THT components selective handsoldering with i-Solder-Pot.


- Soldering is executed by lifting i-Tool (0100CDJ) soldering iron with i-Solder-Pot while product and component is stable;

- Lifting height ~ 5mm;

- Two fixed i-Solder-Pot positions – upper and lower;

- Minimal I-Tool axis of symmetry height from table surface – 65mm, maximal – 80mm;

- Four screws for height and horizontality adjustment;

- Height and horizontality adjustment range ~ 10mm;

- Ideal for small and large board selective soldering;

- Four plastic padded supports for delicate and precise alignment.