i-CON TRACE electronically temperature-controlled soldering station, antistatic with i-Tool TRACE soldering iron and WiFi interface

Brand: Ersa
Product code: 0ICT1000A
408,97 €excl. VAT

- Soldering station i-CON TRACE with electronic temperature control, WiFi interface and complete traceability
Mains voltage 220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, Fuse (slow-blow) 0,8 A
Secondary voltage 24 VAC
Maximum short-term heating power 150 W, Mean heating power 80 W
Temperature range (stepless) 50-450 °C
Temperature regulation (at idle) < ± 2 °C
Ohmic resistance between soldering tip and ground < 2 Ohm
Soldering tip to ground leakage voltage < 2 mV eff
Control technology SENSOTRONIC (PID-behaviour)
3 functional LED's
Supply line 2m, PVC, with connector
Control via WLAN, smartphone with “Ersa TRACE” app and optional LAN interface
Antistatic surface, especially suited for the application in ESD areas In accordance with MIL-SPEC/ESA-standard

- Soldering iron i-Tool TRACE (0140CDJ) with soldering tip 0142CDLF16
Operating Voltage 24 VAC
Maximum heating power 150 W, Mean heating power 80 W
Supply line 1,2 m, highly flexible, heat resistant, antistatic
Type: Antistatic in accordance to MIL-SPEC/ESA-Standard
The handle features an integrated identification and standby function.

- 0A58 antistatic holder with dry sponge



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