i-CON1 electronically temperature-controlled soldering station, antistatic with i-Tool soldering iron

Brand: Ersa
Product code: 0IC1100A
329,00 €excl. VAT
400,67 €excl. VAT

- Soldering station i-CON 1 with electronic temperature control
Mains voltage 220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, Fuse (slow-blow) 0,8 A
Secondary voltage 24 VAC
Maximum short-term heating power 150 W, Mean heating power 80 W
Temperature range (stepless) 150-450 °C
Temperature regulation (at idle) < ± 2 °C
Ohmic resistance between soldering tip and ground < 2 Ohm
Soldering tip to ground leakage voltage < 2 mV eff
Control technology SENSOTRONIC (PID-behaviour)
Function display LC-Display, blue
Acoustic alarm when tip temperature goes out of process window
Supply line 2m, PVC, with connector
Single-knob control via incremental encoder (i-OP)
Antistatic surface, especially suited for the application in ESD areas In accordance with MIL-SPEC/ESA-standard
- Soldering iron i-Tool
Operating Voltage 24 VAC
Maximum heating power 150 W, Mean heating power 80 W
Heating-up time to 350°C approx. 10 sec
Weight (without supply line) approx. 30 g
Supply line 1,2 m, highly flexible, heat resistant, antistatic
Type: Antistatic in accordance to MIL-SPEC/ESA-Standard
The handle features an integrated identification and standby function.
- 0A52 antistatic holder with dry sponge

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