30MHz; 2 channels; 150MSa/s; 16Kpts; AWG generator; output 4mV ~ 20Vpp (high impedance); modulation (AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PWM, Sweep, Burst); frequency counter

Brand: Siglent
Product code: SDG1032X
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SDG1032X, Siglent, 30MHz; 2 channels; 150MSa/s; wave length: 16Kpts;  function/arbitrary waveform output amplitude:4mV ~ 20Vpp (high impedance); modulation function(AM,DSB-AM,FM,PM,ASK,FSK,PSK,PWM,Sweep,Burst);frequency counter function

Key Features

▪ Dual-channel, with bandwidth up to 30 MHz, and amplitude up to 20 Vpp

▪ 150 MSa/s sampling rate, 14-bit vertical resolution, and 16 kpts waveform length

▪ Innovative EasyPulse technology, capable of generating lower-jitter Pulse waveforms, brings a wide range and extremely high precision in pulse width and rise/fall times adjustment

▪ Special circuit for Square wave function, can generate Square waves up to 60 MHz with jitter less than 300 ps+0.05 ppm of period

▪ Plenty of analog and digital modulation types: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PSK and PWM

▪ Sweep and Burst functions ▪ Harmonics Generator function ▪ Waveform Combining function

▪ High precision Frequency Counter

▪ Standard interfaces: USB Host, USB Device (USBTMC), LAN (VXI-11)

▪ Optional interface: GPIB ▪ 4.3” TFT-LCD display

The difference between SDG1000 and SDG1000X:

Model SDG1000 SDG1000X
Max. Frequency 10/25/50MHz 30/60MHz
Sampling Rate 125MSa/s 150MSa/s
Output Range CH1: 20Vpp; CH2: 6Vpp CH1=CH2: 20Vpp
EasyPulse No Yes
Square Max. 25MHz 30MHz   SDG1032X
60MHz   SDG1062X
Pulse  Max. 5MHz 12.5MHz
Ramp Max. 300KHz 500KHz
Noise Periodic Random
Arb Max. 5MHz 6MHz
Quantity of Built-in Arbs Waveform 48 196
Channel Tracking No Yes
Harmonics No Yes
Waveform Combining No Yes
PSK No Yes
Overvoltage protection No Yes
Overload/Short Current protection Yes Yes
External Reference 10MHz In 10MHz In/Out
LAN  No Yes
Screen 3.5 inch (320*240 pixels) 4.3 inch (480*272 pixels)
Software No OS, based on DSP Linux OS, based on ARM
The same platform with SDG2000X, more features, better structure, performance and UI

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