Insulation Resistance Meter 0.5kV - 1kV - 2.5kV - 5kV

Brand: SEW
Product code: 4103 IN
314,00 €excl. VAT
 2 lines x 16 characters large LCD.
 Smart microprocessor controlled.
 Four insulation test voltages.
 Insulation resistance auto-ranging on all ranges.
 Measures insulation time test.
 Bar-graph indicates test voltage-rise and decay can be observed during tests.
 Warning and display of external voltage presence.
 EnerSave (tm).
 Very low battery consumption.
 Low battery indicator.
 Over load protection.
 EN/IEC 61010-1 CAT III


Test Voltage (DC V) 0.5kV / 1kV / 2.5kV / 5kV
Measuring Ranges (Auto-Ranges) 0.5kV : 0-25G Ohm, 1kV : 0-50G Ohm, 2.5kV : 0-125G Ohm, 5kV : 0-250G Ohm
Accuracy +/- 5%rdg
Output Power Limit 1W
Sealed With Gasket yes
Insulation Resistance Between Electrical Circuit and Houseing 2000M Ohm/200V
Withstand Voltage 700 Vac for one Min. between electrical circuit and case
Operation -15 degree C to 55 degree C up to 80%
Dimensions 250(L) x 190(W) x 110(D)mm
Weight Approx. 1.670kg (battery included)
Power Source 1.5V (SUM-3) x 8 Type AA
Accessories Test leads, Shoulder belt (BET-2800), Instruction manual, Batteries

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