Electrical instaliation demonstration board DB-1

Brand: Sonel
Product code: WMGBDB1
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The DB-1 demonstration board is an indispensable element of training courses regarding realisation of
electric measurements. It may be applied in schools, distribution centres of meters used in the power industry as
well as in training centres.
The board may be used for the purpose of simulation of the following measurements:
- measurement of the short circuit loop impedance in the L-N circuit for the TT and TN networks
- measurement of the short circuit loop impedance in the L-PE circuit for the TT and TN networks
- measurement of the parameters of the RCD switch type AC
- insulation resistance measurement in the L-N circuit
- insulation resistance measurement in the L-PE circuit
- measurement of the earth resistance by means of the technical method
- earth resistance measurement using clamps
- earth resistance measurement by means of the two-clamp method
- earth resistance measurements by means of the impulse method
- earth resistance measurements using meters for short-circuit loop measurements
- resistivity measurements of three kinds of ground
- measurement of the resistance of equipotential bondings
- measurement of alternating voltage
The demonstration board makes it possible to cause irregularities in the installation under scrutiny. This is
possible thanks to the panel switches.


  • 1) Power supply network socket 230 V.
    2) Additional PE socket.
    3) 230 V power supply signalling diode.
    4) RCD switch.
    5) Measurement socket.
    6) TN network jumper.
    7) TT network jumper.
    8) RE1 (ZW RE1) earth electrode jumper.
    9) Equipotential pipe connection jumper H2O (ZW H2O).
    10) RE2 (ZW RE2) earth electrode jumper.
    11) Measurement points P1, P2, P3, P4, P5.
    12) Measurement point of the RE1 (E1) earth electrode.
    13) Measurement point of the R (E2) earth electrode.
    14) Measurement electrode sockets.
    15) Irregularity selection switch.
    16) Ground type switch for ground resistivity measurements.

The board DB-1 simulates home distribution network. It enables to demonstrate the method of carrying out the following tests:

  • short-circuit loop impedance for the evaluation of automatic supply disconnection,
  • RCD disconnection time and current,
  • earth resistance,
  • earth resistivity,
  • continuity of equipotential bondings,
  • insulation resistance,
  • mains power voltage.

It is possible to simulate typical faults and irregularities in the power network.

The technical parameters of the board DB-1 and the properties of particular functions:

  • Short-circuit loop impedance:
    - measurement of the short-circuit loop impedance L-N with impulse current to 25A and 60ms,
    - measurement of the short-circuit loop impedance L-PE with current to 20mA.
  • RCD security parameters (switch 30mA):
    - disconnection time measurement of RCD,
    - measurement of RCD disconnection current,
    - measurement of earthing resistance,
    - measurement of touch voltage.
  • Earth resistivity:
    - measurement of resistivity for three types of ground (14Ωm; 300Ωm; 6,2Ωm).
  • Earth resistance.
    The measurement with the method:

    - 2-pole,
    - 3-pole,
    - 4-pole,
    - three pole method with clamps,
    - 2-clamps,
    - short circuit method.
  • Continuity of connections:
    - Measurement of equipotential bondings and connections of available parts.
  • Insulation resistance:
    - measurement of L-N insulation,
    - measurement of L-PE insulation,
    - measurement of N-PE insulation.
  • Voltage measurement:
    - measurement of voltage in the plug-in socket.
  • Simulation of irregularities:
    - lack of continuity of earthing conductor (RE),
    - exceeding of safety voltage during the measurement RCD (UB),
    - leakage current (IErr),
    - too low insulation resistance L-N (RISO(L-N)),
    - too low insulation resistance L-PE (RISO(L-PE)),
    - too high short circuit loop impedance (ZL),
    - error of RCD system (RCD).
Electric security:
- type of insulation: single, in accordance with EN 61010-1
- measurement category: CAT II 300V in accordance with EN 61010-1
- protection class acc. to EN 60529: IP40

Rated operational conditions:
- operation temperature: +10...+40°C
- storage temperature: -20...+60°C
- humidity: 20...80%

Other technical data:
- mains power supply: 230V
- warranty: 12 months
- dimensions: 405 x 300 x 140 mm
- weight: approximately 3,6 kg
- quality standard: development, design and production in accordance with ISO 9001
- protection: 2 x T3,14A 250V, or 2xF4A 250 V
- power consumption: approximately 15mW
- RCD type: 30mA type AC

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