Stacionarus termovizorius karščiuojančiųjų atrankai iš srauto tikslumas ±0.3°C

Gamintojas: Workswell
Prekės kodas: MEDICAS

Workswell MEDICAS Stacionarus termovizorius karščiuojančiųjų atrankai iš srauto tikslumas ±0.3°C

Termovizorius žmonių temperatūrai matuoti.


Workswell MEDICAS Main Features:

  • high resolution 640px
  • high sensitivity 30mK
  • high accuracy 0,3°C via the real-time Black body correction and calibration (Black body included in the package)
  • integrated Full HD Visual camera
  • recording videos and images
  • special narrow calibration temperature range for Face temperature measurement
  • Software MEDICAS in the camera with two-level alarm detection including display notification
  • real-time hot spot analysis
  • visualisation of both cameras at the same time at display (Thermal + Visual)
  • HDMI for easy connectivity to Displays and control via USB keyboard (as well as Bluetooth keyboards)
  • 110 VAC / 230 VAC power supply
  • Exportable unit worldwide without the licence

Rinkinyje yra: Camera head with lens, focus tool, Lens protection cap, Stationary Black body, Black body Calibration certificate, Black body ball adapter, Micro SD card, 5 m Micro HDMI cable, 2 x Power supply adapter, 1x Software license for analysis, Wireless Keyboard, USB micro OTG Cable, Quick start guide, Hard transport case


Why MEDICAS instead of other brands on the market?

Medicas plug & play thermal camera

Other brands on the market

NO additional PC needed, all processing on board

Usually extra PC needed for data processing – additional investment and Software that needs to be installed to the company network.

High resolution 640 x 512px on the market for accurate measurement from longer distance

Often competitors offer lower resolution for better price that means measurement from 1 – 2 meters maximum!

High accuracy 0.3°C in every pixel of the camera via Black body correction.

Most competitors offer accuracy 1°C or worse

UNLIMITED number of people – all people in field of view are scanned and measured in real-time without delay

Most competitors offer limited number of people that can be measured in real-time, mostly 1 – 3 people only!

Measurement in REAL-TIME – no delays in measurement

Measurements are NOT in real-time – mostly people have to stay in front of the camera for couple of seconds!

Thermal and Full HD RGB camera integrated for clear person recognition in the crowded place or for database

Most competitors offer only thermal scanning in which the operator cannot recognize the face or the person

Plug & play system for EASY integration by anybody – no extra training needed (connection via HDMI)

Manual and integration is complicated and mostly an extra support is needed (due to Software installation etc.)

SDK libraries for integration via TCP/IP or RTSP to company network or additional AI (artificial intelligence) processing

SDK libraries are mostly NOT supported at all

Digital output to alarm the sound or visual alarm for operators (up to 4 outputs delivered as accessories)

Most competitors does not have digital outputs as an option on the camera to activate alarm

Product made in EU according to TUV standards

Products are often made in China with limited support, basic manual and difficult integration


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