2-jų kanalų, 50MHz, 800MS/s, 16bit laisvos formos ir funkcinių signalų bei impulsų generatorius su vėlinimu, USB, GPIB ir LXI sąsajomis

Gamintojas: Aim-TTi
Prekės kodas: TGP3152
1895.00 €be PVM
2178.00 €be PVM

» Pulses down to 10ns with 100ps setting resolution

» Delay from 0ns to 1000 seconds, 100ps resolution

» Single pulse or burst/gated with defined trigger delay and low jitter

» External width mode for pulse reconstruction with low jitter

» Variable rise and fall times (independent) from 5ns to 800 seconds

» 20 volts peak-peak amplitude into 50 Ohm load

» Double Pulse, PRBS, User-defined Pulse Patterns

» Pulse-width modulation, pulse delay modulation and double pulse delay modulation using internal, external or second channel sources

» Edge jitter simulation using noise or waveform modulations

» AM, FM, PM, FSK, SUM and Sweep of pulse waveforms

» Noise generation with definable distribution and full variable bandwidth

» Standard waveform generation (Sine, Ramp, Sinc, Exponential etc.)

» Arbitrary waveform generation at 800MS/s

» Very low pricing in comparison to other true pulse generators

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