Trijų kanalų 158W programuojamas DC maitinimo šaltinis 32V, 2A x 2; 6V, 5A su RS-232C ir GPIB sąsajomis

Gamintojas: GW Instek
Prekės kodas: PST-3202/RS232C/GPIB
895.00 €be PVM
932.00 €be PVM

Digitized programmable interface
high resolution 10mV, 1mA
192 x 128 LCD display, simultaneously
Over-voltage, over-current, over temperature protection
Intelligent fan control (changes by output power)
100 Sets memory
Auto step running with timer
Provided auto series and parallel function
Labview driver
Standard interface: RS-232C
Optional: GPIB (IEEE-488.2)
Optional European jack type terminal

Voltage 0~32Vx2, 0~6Vx1 0~32Vx3
Current 0~2Ax2, 0~5Ax1 0~1Ax3
OVP 0~33Vx2, 0~7Vx1 0~33Vx3

User manual x 1, Power cord x 1,
Test lead: GTL-104A x 3 (PST-3202) or GTL-105A x 3 (PST-3201)
European test lead: GTL-204A x 3 (PST-3202) or GTL-203A x 3 (PST-3201)

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