3MHz Funkcinis generatorius su dažnomačiu

Gamintojas: GW Instek
Prekės kodas: GFG-8216A
224.00 €be PVM
233.00 €be PVM

*Frequency Range: 0.3Hz ~ 3MHz (GFG-8215A/8216A/8217A/8219A)
*Frequency Range: 0.5Hz ~ 5MHz (GFG-8250A/8255A)
*Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square,Ramp, TTL and CMOS Output
*External Voltage Controlled Frequency (VCF) Function
*Two-Steps (-20dBx2) and Variable Attenuator
*Built-In 6 Digits Counter with INT/EXT Function up to 150MHz(Except GFG-8215A)
*INT/EXT AM/FM Modulation (GFG-8219A/8255A)
*GCV Output for Synchronization (GFG-8219A/8255A)

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