Large Reflow Oven HR-30 with N2 and exhaust

Brand: ELPRO
Product code: HR-30
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Large Reflow Oven HR-30 with N2 and exhaust.

Large reflow oven with low electricity consumption for PCBs up to a length of 600 mm. The new largest rreflow oven for SMT production of high volume DPS series also suitable for Pick&Place machines. All in one: Installation of N2 atmosphere, Measurement of the profile on the PCB with 4 thermocouples, Extraction of fumes from the chamber and the door handle.

HR-30 is a new generation drawer reflow unit designed primarily for lead-free soldering. There are 10 halogen heaters in the chamber for a rapid rise in temperature. Two dark heating radiators together with internal fans guarantee an even heating distribution even in the so-called heat shadows. The relatively small temperature difference between the components thus achieved is excellently suited for lead-free soldering.

The advantage of the single-chamber reflow oven is the possibility of setting a separate temperature profile for each board, while the maximum soldering time is practically not limited. The HR-30 allows you to enter 3 types of programs

- Saddle - set preheating and reflow times and temperatures
- Linear - the temperature ramp is set separately in each of the 5 segments
- Drying - maintains the set temperature for up to 16 hours

In addition to these data, the use of nitrogen (valve opening and closing time), door extension length, cooling fan output after remelting and door opening are also set. Data is entered either directly via the ovens touch screen or using a Windows program from a connected PC. HR-WIN software, in addition to entering program parameters, archives programs from the furnace, records and displays measured temperature profiles

The oven HR-30 is designed as an autonomous device. The solder plate is placed on the grate in the door and by pressing the button the door closes itself and the soldering process takes place. After the soldering is completed, the plate is pushed out on the grate, where the forced cooling of both the PCB and the inside of the chamber takes place.

We recommend using the Datalogger MTP-05 for accurate monitoring and recording of temperature from up to 8 channels.


Technical specifications:

Max. PCB size: 600 x 410 mm
Max. preheating temperature: 200 ° C
Preheating time: 10-600 s
Max. melting point: 260 ° C
Reflow time: 1-300 s
Max. drying temperature: 150 ° C
Drying time: 1-999 minutes = 16 hours
Number of programs: 99, reflow (saddle / linear) or drying
Max. height of components on the PCB: 55 from the top and 30 mm from the bottom
Power supply: three-phase, 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption: maximum 7800 W, average 3500 W
Cooling: 4 fans on the base, 4 x 720 lt / min (adjustable)
Fume exhaust 1+2: 1. Above the door during the program run, 2. Inside the chamber 1500 l / min after the remelting
N2 consumption: average 560 lt / hour, maximum 1200 lt / hour.
N2 pressure: 2-6 bar
PC connection: USB 2.0
Dimensions lxwxh: 896x545x420 mm
Weight max: 47 kg

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